Adjudication & Evaluation -

The Jury
The jury panel consists of five judges. The decision of the jury is final. Original scoring sheets will be provided to the choirs after the competition. Upon tabulation of scores, the highest and lowest combined score among the judges will be excluded and the choir will be awarded points based on the average of the three remaining scores.

Assessment Criteria
The assessment of the choirs will be on a 100-point scale based on the following criteria:

Artistic Performance – Fidelity to score and Interpretation, Phrasing and Musicality, Choice of Programme and Overall Artistic Presentation.

Technical Performance – Blending and Balance, Pitch and Sense of Rhythm, Tone Colour and Choral Sound.

Each song will be scored on 50% on Artistic Performance and 50% on Technical Performance. An average of the 3 scores will be taken as the final score. A diploma indicating the level of achievement will be presented to the choir during the announcement of results.

Depending on the total achieved points, the jury shall award the following:

Bronze 40-41.99 42-43.99 44-45.99 46-47.99 48-49.99 50-51.99 52-53.99 54-55.99 56-57.99 58-59.99
Silver 60-61.99 62-63.99 64-65.99 66-67.99 68-69.99 70-71.99 72-73.99 74-75.99 76-77.99 78-79.99
Gold 80-81.99 82-83.99 84-85.99 86-87.99 88-89.99 90-91.99 92-93.99 94-95.99 96-97.99 98-100


Special Adjudicator’s Award
The jury can award special prizes if they deem a participating choir or conductor to deserve so.