Festival Programme -
Date Morning Afternon Evening
26 June, Friday  Choir Arrival and Registration
Score Reading Session Opening Concert
27 June, Saturday Acoustic Check  International Choral Competition
28 June, Sunday Choral Clinics  Outdoor Performances Choral Showcase Mosteiro dos Jerónimos
298 June, Monday Meet-the-Jury Acoustic Check (Grand Prix) Grand Prix and Results

*Do note that festival schedule may be subject to change and the final festival schedule will be confirmed nearer the date

Performances | Outdoor and Choral Showcase

As part of the festival, all choirs will be allocated a minimum of two 10-minute performance slots at various outdoor venues across Belém. Of these venues, only two are equipped with a piano. Please inform the organisers if your outdoor performances pieces require the use of the piano.

Your registration process involves the submission of your choir performing a song live and will be used as a gauge for performance selection at the choral showcase in the cloisters of Mosteiros dos Jerónimos. The selection to perform at the choral showcase is final and cannot be contested.

Festival Programmes | Score-Reading, Meet-the-Jury and Clinics

Score-Reading: A special score-reading session will be conducted during the festival to introduce participating conductors to a selected Portuguese choral repertoire. A sampler of the selected scores will be provided to each attendee (1 per choir).

Choral Clinic: Each choir will have a 30-minute session with a jury member which allows the choir and conductor to get feedback and tips for improvement on their performance.

Meet-the-Jury: Conductors will meet with jurors one-on-one to get feedback on their choral performance during the competition.